Anal sex was a taboo for the better part of human history, and it still is for many people. Luckily, many women are now open to explore their sexuality, which includes opening up all their holes for toys and hard dicks.

While it takes lots of bravery for many of them to try it, once they do, they can’t stop going for the ass fucking.

Teen Girl Trying Anal
More and more women want to try anal sex for the first time

Anal queens have more fun

The expansion of the internet is one of the main reasons for the sudden rise in the popularity of anal sex among women. Especially young adults are curious to try new things, they love experimenting.

So even a lot of horny inexperienced teen girls try it out after they watched a couple of anal sex videos. They realize anal fucking looks so hot, and imagine what it would feel like to have a big hard dick slide balls deep inside their little butthole.

It’s easy for them to go online and learn everything about it. Once they know about preparing their assholes for a wild fucking, it’s much easier for them to get excited about that idea and put it in practice.

Ass Fucking Women
Simply watching anal queens like the hottest pornstars on Holed is a good way to learn about ass fucking

Going deeper every time

Like many other things in life, every start is difficult and has a learning curve. Just as having a dick in their asses for the first time might be a painful experience if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Still, with a bit of practice, the anal experience becomes something beautiful, and they feel so accomplished when that cock is inside of their tight buttholes. Going a bit deeper every time.

While many women decide to try anal because their lovers asked them about it, it doesn’t take long before they figure out that this is something that they will do because they love it.

Tight Butthole
Women new to anal sex want to go deeper every time

Intense anal orgasms

One of the perks of anal sex is that orgasms are getting far more intense. The anal hole is tight and gives more pleasure not only to women but their partners too. By having a dick in their asses, these babes know that they have reached a new level of sexuality, that they’ve broken every limit.

An overwhelming majority of women are happy that they’ve tried anal, judging by their experiences documented on The anal orgasms can be very intense. Another good thing is that anal is making them more confident to try new things and it gives their sex life new meaning.

When a hot girl has to offer all her holes, that means that every time she fucks, there is something new to learn and discover. It definitely makes the sex a lot more interesting.

Alexis Tae - Holed Video
Anal orgasms and creampies with Cutie Alexis Tae in this Holed anal sex video

Don’t be shy to ask her about anal

Anal sex is what makes everyone’s sex life better. It sounds so exciting and inviting that it’s impossible to ignore and be sure that girls are talking about it.

So next time you are with a girl, don’t be shy to ask her about anal, as there is a high chance that she already had that experience or is willing to try it with you!

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